Yes - we're doing 900 per night.
It's a one page letter providing the day's headlines with a link to where subscribers can view it.

Viewing is done through a Flash movie so as to provide as secure an environment as possible. But now we're digressing into digital rights management.

Code itself is nothing special; fetch names and heads from the database, build the list of heads, then run down the returned set of names and email addresses, creating the "To;" portion of the header, then bung the whole thing into the mail() function. Set the appropriate field in the database with whateer mail() returns, same info name, email & result of mail() is fed to a browser for user feedback.

Whole thing takes about 4 min to run. After each message is sent set_time_limit(20) is called so whole thing doesn't time out.

You may also want to look at the mailing functions which Manuel Lemos has on his site.

HTH - Miles Thompson

At 10:18 AM 9/20/2004, nikos wrote:

Hello list

A client of mine sends thousands of mails as newsletters and wants as to
make an Interface to admin this list. Its easy to put this mail list in
a MySQL table and make the interface on PHP language and with mail()
function to send a newsletter.

The question is that if this function can handle a thousand mail or more
or there is a most appropriate way

Thank you

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