On 09/20/2004 10:18 AM, Nikos wrote:
A client of mine sends thousands of mails as newsletters and wants as to
make an Interface to admin this list. Its easy to put this mail list in
a MySQL table and make the interface on PHP language and with mail()
function to send a newsletter.

The question is that if this function can handle a thousand mail or more
or there is a most appropriate way

It depends. PHP mail() function relays on an SMTP server on Windows and on the sendmail wrapper program on Unix/Linux. Relaying on an SMTP server is slow and inefficient. If you can use a platform that uses Qmail or Postfix you are fine. Using sendmail or exim can also be a good solution but you need to configure how the messages are queued or else your PHP script will be running for a very long time.

Now, for the actual composing and sending of the newsletters, there are some optimizations that can be done depending on whether the newsletters are going to be personalized (avoid it at all costs if you can) or not.

You may want to take a look at this class that provides some means to optimized deliveries for bulk mailing. I use it to send over 100,000 every day.



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