the encryption is random, there is no algorithm to break it, I'm not going
to argue against any of the other problems with this system, but no one is
going to be able to break this algorithm, its 14 characters of lowercase and
upper case letters and numbers, in random order.

How is this encryption? You have a unique 14 character code that identifies each record in the database. How is it any different than using md5() and uniqid() to create 32 character unique codes. Do you "decrypt" the 14 characters into useful data when you receive it?

"no one is going to be able to break this algorithm"

lol... you know that for a fact, do you? Number 1, we don't have to break it, we just have to find 14 characters that match another record. Number 2, if this is a true encryption of other data (such as record id, ip, whatever), then it's just a matter of determining what encryption method your using and your keys. Hard? Maybe... Impossible? No.

---John Holmes...

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