Well don't hate me for coming back here.  I am shamed
and embarassed enough.

And while I appreciate all the great code and feedback
received , I've run into a glitch.  
(oi) Because I'm using CodeCharge, it's not easy to
just insert custom code anywhere.  That is one of
those code generators.  I suppose if I had more hands
on php coding the way could be found.  

So here is what I have:

//Here is defines the field variable and uses
//CodeCharge function to grab the variable
$s_Industry = CCGetParam("s_Industry", "");
$s_LocationState = CCGetParam("s_LocationState", "");
$s_TaxTerm = CCGetParam("s_TaxTerm", "");

//Here is the parsing of the array.  I'm not sure 
what the $proj variable is for.  I gather it's a
holder for the array values

if (count($s_Industry) > 0 AND is_array($s_Industry))
foreach ($s_Industry as $key => $value) {
if ($Proj1 != "") $Proj1 = $Proj1.",";
$Proj1 = $Proj1."'".$value."'";
//Parsing next array
if (count($s_LocationState) > 0 AND
foreach ($s_LocationState as $key => $value) {
if ($Proj2 != "") $Proj2 = $Proj2.",";
$Proj2 = $Proj2."'".$value."'";
//Parsing file array
if (count($s_TaxTerm) > 0 AND is_array($s_TaxTerm))
foreach ($s_TaxTerm as $key => $value) {
if ($Proj3 != "") $Proj3 = $Proj3.",";
$Proj3 = $Proj3."'".$value."'";
Here is what will be the death of me :)
First the where condition below is being appended to
anoher file in my main sql statement (don't ask:))
CC keeps their code in various sections and files.
Anyway , if you remember yesterday, it was determined
that I needed the where condition to be dynamically
created based on the user input.
Obviously the code below does nothing of that sort.
So as a start, I'm trying to figure out what I can do
with this section here (since this is really what
needs to be changed, I think) to make it all right.

if ($Proj1)
$VendorJobs->ds->SQL.= " AND (`VendorJobs`.Industry IN
if ($Proj2)
$VendorJobs->ds->SQL.= " AND
(`VendorJobs`.LocationState IN (".$Proj2."))";
if ($Proj3)
$VendorJobs->ds->SQL.= " AND (VendorJobs.TaxTerm IN
echo "SQL:". $VendorJobs->ds->SQL."<br>";

As a crash course on this issue, search form has 6
fields, user may enter 1 or up to all 6 values, but
the results should be refined as more values are
added.  In other words AND is correct conditional ,
but has to allow for user to choose how many values
they want to put in.

Anyway , don't throw me off the list yet! I am reading
on PHP, but I have gone pretty far on this project and
prefer to finish it without diverting back/

Thank you,

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