I don't see where you are calling the function "display_private_results",
but I think I know what you are after.  It appears you are expecting POST
data and so have used the _POST superglobal.  You have one of two options:

Option 1:
call the function sending parameters as you have shown below, but use
e.g. display_private_results($_POST["user_id"], $_POST["area"],
NOTE: this would make it seem a little awkward to use the _POST super global
inside the function you may want to put it outside the function

Option 2:
call the function sending NO parameters
e.g. display_private_results()
and re-write your function to look like this:
function display_private_results()
if ($_POST['postback_private_results'])
include "include/db.php";
$query = "SELECT routes.*, users.* FROM users, routes WHERE
area='$_POST["area"]' AND username='$_POST["username"]' ";
and so on...

Hope this helps.  If it doesn't I suspect that some reading on superglobals
will resolve your dilemma...

Daniel Watrous

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From: "Craig Hoffman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2004 7:12 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Register Globals = OFF not passing variable

> Hey Folks,
> I can use some help here.  I am changing some scripts around so they
> work with (register) globals off.  I am trying to pass variables in a
> function  and it does not seem to be passing.  The script work fine
> with globals turned on.  I would really like to have them work with RG
> turned off.  Any help would be appreciated.  Here is a short example:
> <PHP
> function display_private_results($user_id, $area, $username)
> {
> if ($_POST['postback_private_results'])
> {
> include "include/db.php";
> $query = "SELECT routes.*, users.* FROM users, routes WHERE
> area='$area' AND username='$username' ";
> and so on...
> Much Thanks,
> Craig
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