On Wednesday 13 October 2004 04:08, Matthew Kiehne wrote:

> database, however when i want to update the SQL query returns an output
> like this 'SQL statement = UPDATE badges
> (staff,ttlpst,mnthpst,ttlicon,mnthicon) VALUES
> ('1','1','1','/ribbons','/ribbons') WHERE fid=2' but when i try to pull the
> information from the database it hasnt updated, can someone help me out
> with this...im not sure why it wouldnt update even though the statement
> looks correct.

I don't see how you get the above output when $sql is defined like so:

>  $sql = "UPDATE badges SET staff = '".$HTTP_POST_VARS["staff"]."' ttlpst =
> '".$HTTP_POST_VARS["ttlpst"]."' mnthpst = '".$HTTP_POST_VARS["mnthpst"]."'
> ttlicon = '".$HTTP_POST_VARS["ttlicon"]."' mnthicon =
> '".$HTTP_POST_VARS["mnthicon"]."' WHERE fid = $fid";

echo $sql;

Make use of mysql_error().

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