I'm prety new to PHP and MySQL (but have many years of Perl and ASP 
programming). I need to code a PHP version of one of our ASP products - in 
looking through the MySQL manual, I find that it supports cascades when 
using INNO tables. This is very close to our Access/MSSQL database in ASP, 
so I would not need to rewrite so much of the SQL.

The question is will INNO tables be available to all users on shared Linux 
hosting accounts? I obviously have no control of which ISP and end-user may 
choose, although our product will specify that Linux, PHP4, and MySQL4 (or 
higher) are installed. The manual says that these are built-in on version 
4.0 and above - I just need real-world confirmation from people with more 
experience in this area than me.



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