That made a world of difference! :) Thank you.

But - I want to confirm, am I still using transactions
even though I'm issuing individual query calls for
each insert.

And, if I can ask another question to the list : 

In this line (from the second insert)
VALUES (null, LAST_INSERT_ID(), ......)";

The LAST_INSERT_ID works great here, getting the
auto-inc from the first insert, but will it work in
subsequent insertions to other tables.

I ask because in the second insert (shown), the
LAST_INSERT_ID, gets the value from the first table,
but the second table (second insert) also has an
auto-inc column.  So I'm thinking then the third
insert will get the LAST_INSERT_ID from table 2 / 2nd

Perhaps I need to declare it the first time as a value
(app code) or add "where" conditions to all the
subsequent insertions ?

Thank you,

--- John Holmes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Am I missing something here ?
> Yep... you're missing a mysql_query() call for each
> query. You're only 
> running one query and echoing the other...

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