Here is my situation , not sure how I should handle
I have this multi page form, at the end I use mysql
transaction to get the data into all the tables.
All the tables are innodb with the exception of one.
The last page has one field which takes a copy/paste
of a document, so it's a text area.  This is set up to
go into a MyISAM table.  MyISAM  for the full text
searching capabilities. 

So here are my thoughts:
1-I change the table to Innodb, and figure out how to
make it effective for text searching. I figure there
must be a work around.  Maybe not.

2-I put the field into a temp Innodb table and then
when the transaction completes, move it over to the
permanent MyISAM

3-Somehow I trick the transaction (maybe trick is a
bad word), to use and update for this last field into
the MyISAM table ?

Not sure if anyone has had this issue before but I'm
looking and hoping for suggestions.

Thank you

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