Have a look at some of the case studies at mysql.com....there are servers handling 50Million records with not problems....at a certain point it becomes more a hardware issue than a db server issue...


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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] MySQL max records
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 02:01:07 +0200

How many records it can hold before becoming too slow for practical use depends entirely of the hardware that makes up the server.

Current versions of MySQL has a finite limit of 2^64 records per table, but how many billion records you can shove into it before you start seeing performance issues depends on the RAM size, the RAM/CPU roundtrip speed, and the pure processing power of the CPUs, as well as the overall load of the server. Obviously dedicated DB servers/clusters will be able to handle alot higher record counts than mixed-purpose servers.


At 01:32 16-10-2004, ApexEleven wrote:
I tried a little research on the mysql list but didn't find what I was
looking for.What is the limit of a MySQL database? How many hundreds
of thousands of records can a database hold before it gets too
sluggish to work on a production server?


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