I am having a problem with trying to get data out of my mySql database.

I run my query which works fine and everything... 

I use: 

$admin_get_options_query_text = "Select * from adminpage";

$admin_get_options_results_reference =
mysql_query($admin_get_options_query_text,$db_access) or die("Admin
Get Options: ". mysql_error());

$admin_get_options_result =


When I run the query in mysql directly the results are. 

mysql> Select * from adminpage;
| adminpageid | file_name          | description                              |
|         101 | nycalertstatus.php | Change New York City Threat Alert Status |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


my problem is that I would like to get that output into my php
code....I would like to have something that goes like this for each

The api# $adminpageid allows you to $description, and uses the file #file_name

can anyone please assist.

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