hey thanx it works, but....

why is that? i mean, session are there to save data which te user cant see... isnt there another way to pass the SID? i have the feeling passing the SID trhough the url-paramters is harming the security, am i right?

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I believe you need to pass the session variable along to the next page...
Something like:

On page 1:
if session is set
   $s = SID;
   echo "<a href=\"page.php?$s\">Link</a>";

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sorry, forgot to change the subject :), just to be sure here is my question again..

Hi everybody,

For quite a while i'm struggeled with my session. It doesn't seem to work, can anyone help me?

This is my code:

page 1:
$_SESSION["test"] = "tryin...";
if (isset($_SESSION["test"]))
 echo "<a href='session2.php'>next page</a>";
 echo "<br>".session_id();

page 2:


if (isset($_SESSION["test"]))
 echo $_SESSION["test"];
 echo "No sessionvariable found..";
echo "<br>".session_id()."<br>";

On page two, there's always the 'no sessionvariable found...'-message, further the session id also changes... i dont understand what i am doing wrong...

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