Well, finally suceeding to get by activation page
working, where the 0 is flipped to 1 to mean actived,
I'm stuck on the login page.

Unfortunately I'm stuck :) with what I have below. 
It's part of an authentication system. This code
doesn't include the includes, but I thought maybe
significant enough to figure out where I can place a
line or two of code to throw an error on the
transaction if "active != 1"

Any ideas ?
Sorry if this is out of order.

//set the STARTER condition
? $HTTP_POST_VARS['MM_Login'] : null));
//register the special Login Trigger
? $HTTP_POST_VARS['RememberMe'] : null ));
// set the autogeneration information
? $HTTP_POST_VARS['username'] : null
),(isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['password']) ?
$HTTP_POST_VARS['password'] : null ));

// execute the transaction

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