Thanks Mr.Bastien,
I was searching all over the Google,But I could not find one,May be my search was not 
that good one..

Thanks Mr.Bastien for helping me and saving my time.

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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] I have a query

if the tables have the same structure, use the union operator to query each 
table separately and return it all in one result set

select * from asset1 where asset_loc='heaven'
select * from asset2 where asset_loc='heaven'
select * from asset3 where asset_loc='heaven'
select * from asset4 where asset_loc='heaven'
select * from asset5 where asset_loc='heaven'


>From: "Mulley, Nikhil" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: [PHP-DB] I have a query
>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 23:19:31 +0530
>I have a query regarding mysql and PHP ...
>here it is ....
>I know there is a field data exisiting in one of the tables in the present 
>I want to know whether there is any sql or PHP function with which I can 
>find out in which table the field data is present for example .....
>I have database called asset
>in which 5 table are present namely asset1,asset2,asset3,asset4,asset5...
>all the tables have the same schema structure and common field names ,equal 
>no of columns(but not the equal number of rows)
>I want to know ,in which table among the above is having a particular field 
>data for example ...the column name is asset_loc ( common for all the 
>tables,but no constraints ,no relation with other tables)
>I want to know if the asset_loc from any table has the data 'heaven'
>it should be something like this
>select * from asset1,asset2,asset3,asset4,asset5 where asset_loc='heaven';
>Thanks, waiting for a quick response ....from a great list.
>SELECT * FROM Linux_kids where Dis_Hard_Fans='Nikhil' ;-)

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