We have a content management system and one of its features is what we call
a "databse browser". What it allows you to do is take a table and display
contents in the way it is useful for the relevant audience. One of the new
features that was requested was editing the content which will in turn be
moderated. All pretty straight forward when you are dealing with individual
tables. Now it starts getting a little complex when we involve queries.

This database browser can also accept queries as input and display the
output. It pretty much takes the (pre-detremined) query sends it to mysql
and dumps the result out. Now how do we let people edit these results. Now
keep in mind any type of query that mysql supports can be used. One way
would be to find out columns are obtained as a result of this query and
store them in a temporary table and when they are updated change them in
their respective tables. Seems too easy. Any other suggestions or ideas?


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