Thanks Ramil,

I knew it had something to do with the \, but I still can't figure out
how to get the variable into the database without the extra '\'
It is entered into the database via a form using the input below:

<input name="ident" type="hidden" value="<?php echo

Where would I use the mysql_real_escape_string ?


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> Hi,
> When I use the variable $_SERVER['AUTH_USER'] it comes out as
> domain\\username when inserted into the MySQL database. So when I try
> update the record looking for a match as below it doesn't work because
> the query is looking for where ident=domain\username.
> $result = mysql_query("UPDATE aec SET filename='$filename' WHERE
> ident='".$_SERVER['AUTH_USER']."'") or die (mysql_error());
> Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

In MySQL, \ is an escape character. \\ stands for an actual \.

for details, just click the link and read on



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