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may pls. help me
i am using PHP and MYSQL.
is there any command through which i can record which user modifiyed the
data through which command (insert / update / delete etc.) on which time and
date in a table in mysql.

maybe you should describe your application or needs.

reason is, MYSQL with PHP, usually, there is one account you create that allows a PHP script to do those commands. typically, this is a sub-account from the master or root account. you need to be familiar on how MYSQL manages its user accounts.

now if this is a web application, then anyone in the world can run this application and unless you have a facility on your web site to login users, then this is what you can use throughout the life of the web session.

for example, the phpBB web app, multiple people log into the bulletin board. but the account that is used to connect to the MYSQL (in this case) backend is a single account that is created when you first install phpBB. phpBB then uses this account to do all the work needed and logs that into a table so you know who posted (or edit or deleted) what post on the forum.

you might be still thinking in the MS ACCESS mode. that is diff from the way MYSQL works.

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