I have several databases running on the same MySQL server and one
application needs to run queries over two DBs at the same time. All I do is
specify one connect (to the primary DB) and then specify the secondary DB
within my queries. This seems to work fine, but not sure if it's discouraged
for any reason.

DB1 contains table product.
DB2 contains table customer.

$link = mysql_connect(DB1);
$sql = "SELECT c.custname, p.prodname FROM DB2.customer as c JOIN product as
p ON c.prodid=p.prodid"

(This is NOT real code :) )


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Subject: [PHP-DB] accessing two databases within one script

I have a page where I need to access two different databases in mysql.
After accessing the first database I used  mysql_close($connection);
and then code to access the other database.  The first database access
works fine, the second gives me the following error message:

*Warning*: mysql_query(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through
socket '/tmp/mysql.sock'

I've tried not using the mysql_close statement.  But that option doesn't
select the new database, it seems to stay connected to the previous one,
despite my specifying a new database to access.  Can I not access two
databases within the same script?

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