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I have recordset that contains a hierarchical representation of records
where a record's [parentid] field contains the recid of the record 'above'
the current record.


A representation might look like this:


Recid, parentid, title


1, 0, Top level record

2, 0, Another top level record

3, 1, A record under the top level record

4, 3, Another level

5, 2, A record under the second top level record


If I have currently retrieved the record with recid of 4, I want to work out
the 'chain' of records that lead back to the top level record it has been
created under.


In this instance, that chain would look like:


4, 3, Another level

3, 1, A record under the top level record

1, 0, Top level record


I'm wondering if anyone can help me work out how to achieve this?


Many thanks in advance!


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