I like the idea of using the crontab even though I have never used it 
before.  I guess the first thing I need to do is make my script.  Thanks for 
the link to mysqldump, I think it will be usefull.  Do you happen to know 
how I might be able to push a file to another server using FTP?  Just 
playing around the past few days I have created a script that will get the 
contents of the table and bring up a download window so I can download it 
into an Excel file.  It doesnt use mysqldump, but it works.  But I need it 
to send the file to my FTP server automaticly.  Any suggestions??



"Andrew Kreps" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 16:33:08 -0400, Aaron Todd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> wrote:
>> What is everyone doing to backup a MySQL database.  Just in case...I'd 
>> like
>> to backup mine, but I was wondering if there was a way to do it without
>> going to a page and clicking a button.  Is there a way to run a php 
>> script
>> on a time schedule and then push a backup file to an FTP server or
>> something.  Anyone out there doing anything like this?
> Personally, I go straight to the source.
> You can write a PHP script that runs the dump, compresses the file and
> FTP's the file anywhere you like.  As Martin mentioned, You can run
> this PHP script from your crontab or Task Scheduler by invoking the
> interpreter from the command line, i.e. '/usr/local/bin/php
> /home/mydir/scripts/backupDB.php'.

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