I just went through this myself. PHP v5x comes with the correct libmysql.dll. Copy that to System32 and it will work. I haven't used it enough yet to know if it causes problems with MySQL, but PHP now works.

Steve Olney wrote:

I have an incompatibility problem when trying to use PHP 5.0.2 with an
installation of MySQL version 4.0.20a.  The problem seems to be as follows:

The php_mysql.dll file is compiled with support for two MySQL function calls
(from the API) namely: mysql_drop_db and mysql_create_db (which are noted in
the MySQL documentation as being deprecated for MySQL versions at least
greater than 4.0.13 (the version I have installed at home)) but these
functions are no longer compiled into the libmysql.dll (as of 4.x),
obviously as these are deprecated MySQL have phased them out of the build of

As of PHP 5.x I believe that you are required to obtain the libmysql.dll
from the MySQL distribution as it's not in the php distribution, but this
obviously poses as problem if you are working with a 4.x MySQL
installation - the above incompatibility problem.

Has anybody come across a solution to this problem apart from the obvious,
recompiling the various lib's to remove this incompatibility (I'm thinking
here that there might be compiled versions of the lib's out there that are
'fixed') ?

I'll check back soon to see if there are any solutions but in the meantime
will attempt to 'fix' the problems with a recompile (which could take me
some time as I need to install a compiler, the source, make the edits and
test).  I'll post my results.



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