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I am trying to see whether a data in an array pulled from a MySQL DB (YEARMONTHDATE) is older than 14 days ago. I am trying to do this in PHP. My code looks like:

if($array['due'] <= $today - 14)
echo "<h5>Assignment In Void:</h5><br><h4>Assignments in the void are read-only";

I am having problems with the math. How do I do a date subtraction without ending up with something like 20040994 (not a valid date)?


You need dates in timestamp format to subtract them. You can use the function strtotime() to convert to timestamp. For instance, you can use:

$old_date = strtotime("2 weeks ago");

You then just need to convert the date from the database to a timestamp. strtotime will do something like:

$db_date = strtotime("October 10 2004");
$db_date = strtotime("10 October 2004");

But, I don't think it will do it your way. You may have to change the order of your string, as well as add spaces. Check the manual at IF the database value is in some kind of MySQL date format, you can perhaps retrieve it as a timestamp. MySQL has several DATE formats and date/time functions.


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