I sent this message to 3 lists just hoping I would get some help. I just hope I am not upsetting anybody with it!

I have apache2, mysql  4.0.21 and php 5.0.2.on xp pro.

All works fine up to the point where I enable the php_mysql.dll module in php.ini. I followed the instructions and copied libmysql.dll to c:\windows, also modified the "extension_dir" to point to c:\sqlphp\php\ext which works fine as the error message I get shows the proper path for php_mysql.dll file. Also, I checked it out to see if the file is there and it is indeed in that directory.

Here is the error message:
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:\sqlphp\php\ext\php_mysql.dll' The specified module could not be found. In Unknown on line 0

So far, I did a search on the internet and other people who had the same problem seem to say that by moving libmysql.dll and php_mysql.dll to \windows or \windows\system32 the problem would be sorted. Unfortunately for me, tried it and it doesn't work, i get the same message. I even tried to register the dlls manually using regsrv32 and even that failed.

By the way, I get this message when I start php from the command line. I had to disable apache2 as it falls over as soon as it tries to load the php module which in turn tries to load the php_mysql.dll module. Also, Apache2 reports the same error before crashing, so for the time being I disabled the service.

I would appreciate any help on this issue as it's starting to drive me mad.

Many thanks

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