------------- Original message from Aravalli Sai : -------------- 
> but when i run this code on browser it is giving an 
> error ... Parse error: parse error in 
> /home/saravall/.HTML/inv.php on line 63 

It would be helpful if you said what the parse error is and which line is 63.
> if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { 
> if (!empty($_post['tagno']) && !empty 

Why are you switching between $_POST and $_post?  The superglobal array is $_POST.

> i would appreciate if you can help me in correcting 
> this error.. 
> thanks in advance.. 
> sai 

Your curly braces, {}, don't match up.  You aren't closing them all.  Indenting your 
code will help you see this and fix the problem.

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