There is only the one $_SESSION superglobal in PHP - and session_start
doesn't take any parameters - so the builtin sessions in PHP undoubtedly
aren't anticipating a need for this.  If you are just trying to store
more data - you shouldn't have a problem, just use $_SESSION as an array
like normal, and for each application use a named key as its own array.

e.g. instead of using $_SESSION['username'] in both of two applications,
$_SESSION['first_session']['username'] and
or something similar in each.

I assume the reason you're encountering some sort of problem is because
you have two canned applications that both conflict with session
variables, or you want to run the same application twice?  The sessions
are tied to the hostname - so if you make a virtual server with another
address (e.g. and or equivalent) you
will, in effect, get your two sessions.

Beyond this, I'd need to know more of what you're intending to be of any

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From: Andre Matos [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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Subject: [PHP-DB] Two session for the same user, possible?

Hi List,

Is it possible to have two sessions for the same user in php? If yes,
how can I implement this?

I am currently using one without problem. However, when I try to create
a second session, the first one is lost.

Thanks for any help.


Andre Matos

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