Philip Thompson wrote:
I have the query to pull the information - and I know it works for everything else. Now how do I reference the director/manager to store it in a variable without having to use numerical indexing?

$query = "select projects.*, locations.*, funding.*, people.* from people as people_1 RIGHT JOIN " .
$_SESSION["director"][$i] = $row["people_1.first_name"] . " " . $row["people_1.last_name"];

Do you really need to select _every_ column from _all_ of those tables? To solve your problem, you need to select the columns with aliases...

$query = "SELECT people_1.first_name as p1_first_name, people.first_name as p_first_name, ...";

Now you'll have $row['p1_first_name'] and $row['p_first_name'] available.


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