PHP is platform agnostic, so the code you write on windows will work on *nix, within certain OS dependant limitations. Like COM suuport is windows only. The question for you is:

Firebird is also platform agnostic (from the docs) but I have not worked with it and am unsure as to portability of datafiles.


Subject: [PHP-DB] How do i  connect too DBISAM database
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:38:20 +1000


i have a windoze program that sets up a "DBISAM" server on the winPC
that will service-requests from other winpc-clients.

i would like too move the database too the unix-server
but do not know how too setup a connection to this database that the winpc's
will see.

the database files have got extns of   DB PX VAL XGO YGO etc

Firstly, what Type of DB is this ?
-  my guess paradox ?
- where can one find information on db-definitions ?

Secondly, How do i interface Php too it ?


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