Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with gdbm locking. I've written two very simple test scripts that I am running simultaneously and locking does not seem to be working properly.

1st Test Script - Opens a writer lock, then spins infinitely.
  dba_open("research.db", "wd", "gdbm");
  while(1) {
    echo "I have a writer lock on the file! \n";

2nd Test Script: - Spins infinitely, trying to get a write lock on the file.
while(1) {
if(dba_open("research.db", "wd", "gdbm"))
echo "I also have a write lock on the file! (using dba_open) \n";

Here is the problem: When I run Script 1 and then Script 2 (while Script 1 is running), both scripts claim to have a writer lock on research.db. This doesn't seem right. What am I missing?

I'm running both of the scripts in the same directory on the same machine under FreeBSD 4.10.

Thanks for your help!

Michael Jeung

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