There must be a dozen solutions here; mysqldump and cron come to mind but you haven't been very specific with your needs.

Is your database server Windows or Unix? Can you write a simple script (or modify an example) to fit your needs? What are you going to back up to? Another server? Tape? A different disk on your server? The same disk? (bad idea on so many levels).

Why are you backing up? Disaster recovery? History? Data integrity? How big is the DB(s)? How often to you intend to back up? Or if you did crash and burn and had to go back to a back up how much data (how long) could you tolerate loosing?

It's a kind of interesting discussion and the only wrong answers are not to back up and perhaps to back up to the same disk if you want to be able to recover. But if you answer these questions we'll give you some options.


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Date: October 27, 2004 6:57:57 AM PDT
Subject: MySQL backup software

Does anyone know a free MySQL backup program to schedule regular backups?

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