Hi I have been trying to connect to a DB2 database on an IBM AS400 system. I
manage to get connected using ODBC however it is slow at connecting and
every time the page is refreshed it seems to have to connect again. Any help
would be appreciated.

I use the below code to connect.
In a file called AS400dbconnect.inc


        $host = "LAWSON01";
        $username = "MYUSERNAME";
        $password = "MYPASSWORD";
        $link= odbc_connect($host, $username, $password,SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC)

                or die (odbc_errormsg() );

Then in a file called as400.inc
The following cote is in it 



if ($link)
  echo "odbc connected<br>";
  $sql =  "select * from exrcvbuf"; 
  //this function will execute the sql satametn in  
  //correspondance to the table in the db
        or (odbc_errormsg());
  echo "odbc not connected<br>";

        $Fields = odbc_num_fields($exc); 

        print "<table border='1' width='100%'><tr>"; 

        // Build Column Headers 

         for ($i=1; $i <= $Fields; $i++)
                printf("<th bgcolor='silver'>%s</th>", odbc_field_name(

        // Table Body 

                while( odbc_fetch_row( $exc ))
                        print "<tr>"; 
                        for($i=1; $i <= $Fields; $i++)
                                printf("<td>%s</td>", odbc_result( $exc, $i
                        print "</tr>"; 
                        print "</table>"; 
                        print "<b> Your request returned $Outer rows!</b>"; 



  echo "selection failed<br>";

It is running in and apache server with php set up using the .dll method.
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