Thanks for trying to help me...

I just found out what the problem was... I use the number of seconds in a day (86400) as a constant Yesterday there wasn't 60*60*24 seconds in a day though... It was acctually 60*60*25 seconds... That's why the script flipped out at 11 pm... Also, in the spring time when we change the time again there will be 60*60*23 seconds... I think I'll live with this, since the script won't generate any serious error...

thanks again


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On Sunday 31 October 2004 22:45, Bobo Wieland wrote:
There is something wierd going on over here...

I have a date field, datum, in mysql that I cast to a timestamp and check
against time(). If the datum value is more than one day old the table finds
a new random row and sets the datum field to CURDATE(). Now, this has
worked for two years now, but today the script suddenly finds a new random
row each time the script is run...

Would this line have anything to with it? If not, post some concise code (see

mysql_data_seek($result, rand(0,$rows));

I've notice this just after 11 pm today.
As I can see from some debugging time() allways returns a higher value than
the timestamp + 86400... Have I missed something in this script for the
last couple of years or is there a bug somewhere? Could it have something
to do with the fact that we turned the time back one hour last night?

This is the code btw:

Please *try* to isolate the problem and post CONCISE code which sufficiently
illustrates your problem. For example (for this particular problem) if you
suspect PHP is calculating the dates incorrectly then a few lines of code
showing the date calculations would be sufficient. If you suspect MySQL is
the culprit then a single query would be sufficient.

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