Tutorials that shows how to upload and store image/binary files in a database
also usually shows how to retrieve them (and in the case of images, also how
to display them).

One function you'll find useful is



i found an example for uploading an image into the proper database field, which ***seems*** to have worked.

and i found another example for pulling it back out to use directly in html code:

$dbconn = pg_connect("host= port=5432 dbname=mydb user=myname password=mypass");
$result = pg_exec($dbconn, "SELECT $image FROM thetable where name='$name');
$image = stripcslashes(pg_result($result, 0, 0));
header("content-type: image/gif");
echo $image;

... BUT it's giving me the following error:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /myfolder/gif.php on line 5

that's the header() line, but what could the problem be?


- philip

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