On Tuesday 02 November 2004 08:04, GH wrote:
> However, when other countries are in trouble or need something... who
> do they turn to? America

No country or government acts unless it is in their interests (perceived or 
otherwise) to do so. 

> Therefore everyone in the world has an interest in what happens in the
> american body politic just as Americans have an interest in what
> happens to the British Prime Minister and in parts of the British body
> politic.

It would be interesting if the rest of the world was able to partake in the 
American presidential elections. With the level of anti-"incumbent president" 
feelings around the world there'll soon be an ex-president.

It would be even more interesting to see what would happen if the upcoming 
Iraqi elections results in an anti-American pro-Islamist government. Would it 
then still be the "beacon of hope" that current administration keep 

Now can we go back to discussing php and databases.

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