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> Hi gang
> This is possibly insanely simple, but I've been coding on it for the past
> 11 hours, so my head's gone a little fuzzy.
> been through the MySQL manual, but it's not really agreeing with me on
> finding anything useful...
> I've got a table of categories, organised in a tree structure:
> table wp_categories
> catID int(10) UNSIGNED
> parentID int(10) UNSIGNED
> rootID int(10) UNSIGNED
> level tinyint(3) UNSIGNED
> cat_title varchar(255)
> cat_desc text
> catID being the primary key, parentID the parent's ID, and rootID the ID
> of the root category of the branch this category belongs to. Level is
> simply a number as to how deep in the tree the given category is. I only
> use it to make it simpler to build the graphics.
> Here comes the problem: I need to be able to build visually the branch
> from root to a given folder, using only the given folder's ID as starting
> point. That is, traversing backwards up the branch from any given folder,
> and reattaching the branch till the root is reached.
> Building the entire tree from root down is easy enough, but for some
> reason I've got a brainfart as to how I can go backwards.
> That said, I know I could probably do this using recursive SQL statements,
> but I'd rather use as little talking with the DB as possible. The goal is
> to do this one task with as few SQL calls as entirely possible, preferably
> 1, 2 at most...  since I found building arrays and traversing them is much
> faster than SQL calls...
> the root ID is 0, so any category in root, will have parentID of 0, and
> rootID of 0.
> I figure using the rootID to just pull the relevant branch might be part
> of it, but my problem comes with reattaching the branch correctly, and
> finding the root folder and stick the branch to it ... and doing all of
> this in reverse since that's what I need for the visual part...
> Using MySQL btw ...

I don't know if you have seen


but it may provide some help.

David Robley

Don't use no double negatives.

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