Hi, newbie here, go easy on me I'm learning this as I go ;)

Got a bit of teaser here.


mysql_connect (localhost, foouser, foologin);

mysql_select_db (footest1);

$csvfile = file("http://foo.com/foolist.csv";);
foreach($csvfile as $line_no => $datastring) {
        $data = explode (",", $datastring);
        $foo1 = $data[0];
        $foo2 = $data[1];
        $foo3 = $data[2];
        $foo4 = $data[3];
        $foo5 = $data[4];
        $foo6 = $data[5];
        $foo7 = $data[6];

        mysql_query ("INSERT INTO 'footable' (foo1, foo2, foo3, foo4, foo5, foo6, 
                VALUES '$foo1', '$foo2', '$foo3', '$foo4', '$foo5', '$foo6', 


The result of the above is I get nothing INSERT-ed in 'footable'. No lines of data at 
all. I looked in the table using phpMyAdmin and zilch.

I have however dumped the contents of each variable in the 'foreach' loop to the 
screen in a table and it all maps out correctly as i was in the CSV file, so the CSV 
file is being parsed correctly. The fault seems to be in the MySQL query I think.
Privilages have no influence - I've tried both the database's 'regular' users and also 
the 'root' user and it makes no odds.
I've also tried dumping the list of single variables and using '($data[0], $data[1] 
etc...) and that has no effect.

It's probably something glaringly obvious to an expert but as I say I'm learning as I 
go so any help would be great :)


Mark Benson


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