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> Task at hand: deleting or selecting (same difference) several numbers of 
> records using only 1 query.
> My first version simply looped through all the ticked off IDs and ran a 
> single query for each delete routine. I've still not suceeded in getting 
> the delete queries to work on multiple tables at once, despite the column 
> names being the same. But besides this:

Multi-table deletes are new to mySQL 4.0, so if you are running a 3.x release they 
won't work. 

> My current version generates, for multi-select cases, queries like this:
> DELETE FROM the_table WHERE `ID`='1' OR ID`='2' OR `ID`='3' OR `ID`='4' OR 
> `ID`='5' OR `ID`='6'
> or similar with the SELECT statement.
[snip lots of stuff]
> DELETE FROM the_table WHERE `ID` ISIN(1,2,3,4,5,6)

use IN  http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/Comparison_Operators.html#IDX1268

If you know all the values in the array are escaped and safe you can just use 
implode() to make the list for IN

$string = implode("','",$array);
$sql = "SELECT FROM $table WHERE col_name IN('$string')";
Notice I added single quotes around the string, that is because they will be missing 
since implode only sticks the string between array elements.

However, you'd need a join that makes sense for a multi-table delete.  I don't know if 
it will work with a union, I have never tried, maybe somone else will chime in.

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