My _opinion_ only here, but I own the Welling and Thompson book and used it
when I was starting out with PHP and MySQL but don't use it much anymore. I
have found much better information and practical advice in the MySQL manual
and in the MySQL forums. I'm not ragging on the W & T book by any means; it
was a good book for beginning and intermediate needs. But you may find it
deficient when looking for advanced, bleeding edge stuff. And one man's
"advanced" may be another man's "intermediate" so take that into
consideration too. Unfortunately, I don't have any specific recommendations
for an advanced MySQL book, but I would strongly suggest you investigate
other books in addition to the Welling and Thompson book.

Please let us know what you (or your girlfriend) end up buying since I'm
sure there are others that are facing the same decision.


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Thanks ... the reviews for that one are pretty promising :p


At 04:37 04-11-2004, David Orlovich wrote:
>I'd recommend Welling and Thomson PHP and MySQL Web Development.  It's 
>nice and thick and a new (3rd) edition has just come out.

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