Most databases don't return the number of rows in the results of a select 
statement to odbc_num_rows. See:


Usually the way to determine the number of rows a select returns is to 
either fetch them all and count them or do an additional aggregate query. 
It depends on your requirements.
I presume that this behaviour is because in most cases the database engine 
does not make the number of rows in a result set available to the driver. 
The only way the php interface could calculate the number of rows would be 
to fetch them all which may be inefficient - say if you were only 
interested in the first row out of a possible 100. [anybody else care to 

Note, after an insert, update and delete statements odbc_num_rows does 
return the number of rows affected.

cheers Simon

On Tuesday 09 November 2004 08:09, Petrus Ali Saputra wrote:
> Here is my code:
> $conn = odbc_connect("Ta Fara","","");
> $query = "SELECT * FROM Config";
> $result = odbc_exec($conn, $query);
> echo odbc_num_rows($result);
> This code never give me a 0 result even there is some data. How can I
> solve it? Thank you.
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