Yemi Obembe wrote:

i'd luv to know wat happens if a value is to be taken from within a certain tag 
in a page when there are more than one of the tags in the page.
for example, if i'd luv to tkae all data from within EVERY  bold tags in a 
page, will this work:

you have to tell the regex to be ungreedy

$file =;
$open = fopen($file,"r");
$read = fread($open, filesize($file));
$search = eregi("<b>(.*)</b>", $read, $value);

also: "Note: preg_match(), which uses a Perl-compatible regular expression syntax, is often a faster alternative to ereg()."

preg_match( "/<b>(.*)</b>/Ui", $read, $value );

and by the way, i'd also luv to know more about Regular Expressions. I'd be 
very happy if someone can refer me to a nice tutor page.

-- Sebastian Mendel

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