On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 14:12 -0500, Michael Cortes wrote:
> I have a question about contracts or agreements.  
> I am considering hiring a local company to do some coding for us in LAMP to 
> augment what we have done already.  I have a problem with the standard "we 
> own the code and copyright" clause in thier service agreement.  
> Can someone point me to the correct mailing list as I don't wish to start an 
> inapropriate thread.

We have had clients who had us sign NDAs with some of our clients.
Outlined in the NDAs would state that any work that was specifically for
the client that was part of their unique business model (say they have a
site that handles X very uniquely, i cannot take the code and use it for
another client who wants to do the same thing that X did). 

Often times, you will find that a development company wants to retain
the rights to the code that they develop (in terms of re-usage), but if
they have any clauses that says that you cannot continue to use the code
should you and the developers end up not getting along..then keep
looking. Since you mentioned that you have an existing code base..it
sounds like they are doing addons/changes/etc, correct? If that is the
case, I would have them fill out a contract that says that anything that
isn't generic (like some libraries) would be under your ownership, not
theirs..as per 'work for hire'


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