yeah, I noticed that ... haven't had a chance to check for certain, but I believe the server I have to work with is 3.23 ... and since my space is rented, I don't have alot of say in upgrading ... although it might be possible to get them to do it ... their PHPMyAdmin is really old too ... :-s


At 16:17 11-11-2004, Norland, Martin wrote:
Please note that his solution uses a subselect - and your version of
mysql may not support subselects.  Subselects were introduced (I
believe) in Mysql 4.1

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-----Original Message----- From: Sebastian Mendel [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 6:42 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [PHP-DB] Re: Looking for more optimal way to do multiple similar inserts at

// send Messages
$sql = '
INSERT INTO `hf_privmessages`
SELECT `userID`                     AS `ownerID`,
        ' . (int) $userID . '        AS `fromID`,
        `userID`                     AS `toID`,
        "' . $username . '"          AS `from_name`,
        `nickname`                   AS `to_name`,
        "' . $_POST['priority'] . '" AS `priority`,
        NOW()                        AS `date`,
        "' . $subject . '"           AS `subject`,
        "' . $message . '"           AS `message`,
        "inbox"                      AS `folder`
WHERE `userID` IN (' . implode( ', ', $_POST['rcvID'] ) . ')

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