I have two tables I want to get out the rows that are different between 
them. The results I am getting is almost 50,000 rows, but the two tables, 
combined, contain only about 600 rows total. Here is the select statement 

SELECT dealers.account_no, dealers.DealerName, blackgate_users.User_Name, 
FROM dealers, blackgate_users
WHERE dealers.account_no NOT 
LIKE blackgate_users.User_Name

in these tables the 
dealers.account_no is the same data as the blackgate_users.User_Name
dealers.DealerName is the same data as the blackgate_users.DealerName
I just want the rows that are in the dealers table but not in the 
blackgate_users table. 

Thanks for any help,
Chip Wiegand
Computer Services
Simrad, Inc
425-771-7211 (FAX)

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