Hi guys: 

I am a very newby in this php stuff and I need a huge
help from you: 

I am looking for the way to make a kind of nested form
(in the sense of the access subforms), to insert
information of a one to many relationaship. 

For example, I have to tables: 

tblProjects: with information about especific
tblDevelopers: with the information of all the
developers of each project. 

Any project can be developed by one or more developer.

So I need to design a form in which I have a textfield
for the project and many textfield for the developers.
So when I send the information it inserts the register
of the project into the tblProject table and the
registers of the developers into tblDeveloper. 

I have researched and tried a lot about this stuff and
it has been very difficult to find it. 

Thanks a lot, 


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