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On 11 November 2004 19:11, Patrick David wrote:

> My understanding of persistent connections was that using the
> ociplogon function a connection would be opened to the
> database and all other connections to the same database (with
> the same username and password) would use the first one
> previously opened, which mean I would have only 1 connection
> to the database.

I know this is a late response, but I haven't seen anybody point this out
yet: that's 1 connection *per Apache child process*, since each process
still has to have its own connection.

>  But in fact it is not what is happening,
> every time I submit the page to the same database a new
> connection is opened. Which is a little bit annoying if I
> submit this one 100 times (100 connections at the end).

Potentially, if you have Apache configured to run 100 children or more.  If
you configure it to run only 50 children, that's the maximum number of
Oracle connections you will get.



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