hi all,

i need to transfer the database from one site (structure and data) to another.  
i've been running into some issues.

i need a script that will connect to a db with a username and password, and 
then export to the screen scripts to both recreate the database structure (the 
create table commands) and then create insert statements to populate that 
information into the database.  then of course, i need to run those scripts on 
the other server to create the db and populate it.

my php is not that great and my mysql lags as well.  if it were CF,ASP,.NET 
with SQL or Oracle this would be a snap for me, but alas it isnt.  my time 
constraints dont allow me to hack through this myself.

i know this isn't rocket surgery, so if someone can bust this code out for me, 
you'll be a life saver.  

if you can hook me up i'll paypal you $20 bucks to buy you and yours a few 
pints of your favorite ale on me.  


thanks a ton


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