I'm trying to format a MySQL Timestamp Column Type with PHP, and it's not
going well.  In reading up on it, I see that the idea is to convert the
Timestamp type to Unix format using the strtotime() function, then using the
date() function to format that result.  However, this only appears to work
with MySQL versions above 4.1 - where the Timestamp has been modified to
have the ":" symbol in between the approprate numbers, as opposed to the
traditional extended format (i.e. 20041117104300), which can be found on
Mysql versions 4.0xx and below.  I have > MySQL 4.1 on my local machine, but
MySQL 4.0 something on the box I'm publishing to - which is obviously the
more important box.  So I need to get it working using the regular format.
And I don't want to just parse the characters because I have a bunch of
timestamp columns and don't really think it's that great of a resolution.

Any ideas?


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