Peter Yared was formerly CTO for Sun's Application Server groups.
He has rejected JSP/J2EE and is now advocating solutions such as PHP.

Pretty damning, given Peter's background:

" The Java APIís grow into a morass of inconsistent and incomprehensible APIís, 
even the most simple things proved to be very complicated. The vast majority 
of J2EE deployments (over 80% according to Gartner) are simply Servlet/JSP 
to JDBC applications. Basically HTML front-ends to relational databases. It 
is ironic that much of what makes Java complicated today is all of its 
numerous band-aid extensions, such as generics and JSP templates, which were 
added to make these types of simple applications easier to develop. "

"John Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> Vikas Nanda wrote:
>> I just wanted to know what the advantages are of using php against jsp. 
>> My supervisor wants me to use jsp but I think that php might be
> > better. Also can php code be easy reused like jsp?
> Why would you think such a thing? They both accomplish the same mission 
> using similar strategies. A competant JSP programmer is going to make a 
> better program than a newbie PHP programmer and vice versa.
> Which programming language do you know? What kind of hardware are you 
> using? How many programmers are on your team? What kind of program are you 
> developing?
> The question isn't as simple as JSP vs. PHP vs. .NET, etc, many other 
> things need to be taken into consideration, too. You may just have to 
> accept that JSP is a better solution in this instance. Or you may weigh 
> all of the above and decide it'd be stupid to not use PHP.
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