On 11/22/2004 06:00 AM, Bishnu Prasad Dahal wrote:
> I have to create a newsletter for a site
> http://www.migratetousa.com , I didn't code for any newsletter. could
> you suggest me how can I design the newsletter? And please send me
> sample php codes for newsletter

Just compose it as an HTML or plain text message, query the list of recipient addresses and iterate over it to send a message to each of the subscribers.

Mailing many recipients may take a long time, so you need to run the mailing script from the shell (DOS) command line using the PHP CLI/CGI version and override the script time limit.

Composing and sendind the messages correctly to many recipients is not a trivial task, but you may count on classes like this that not only makes it simple but also has options to optimize the deliveries and take less time to queue the messages to all the recipients:



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