On Wednesday 24 November 2004 23:02, Mark Benson wrote:

> >You want people to focus on your real problem and not on
> >the mistakes you made in transcribing your actual code into your post.

> I actually write (rather badly it would seem!) theoretical examples

Please don't construct theoretical examples. 

> that would (or in this case wouldn't!!) end in the same situation as the
> problem in my code (as I see it).

It's hard enough writing code that works without having to mess around with 
writing theorectical code that:

  "doesn't work in the exactly the same fashion as another piece of code"

Construct a stripped-down, bare-bones, *working* example that illustrates your 
problem. (Working in the sense that it is free from syntax and other errors 
that are not the focus of the problem).

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