I'm sure this is a common question, so please forgive if it's been posted 

I have a select statement that selects records from a table:
"select * from $table where host='$somename'"

I then propagate a table with the returned data.  My goal is to only display 30 
records per "page", with links on each page that take the user to the next and 
previous 30 records.  I have played around with using "limit", but this seems 
to only get me the next 30.  How to achieve the previous 30?  It would be easy 
if the records returned were sequentially numbered...but, since I'm being 
selective in which records I return (host=$somename), this is not the case.  
The first row may be 1, and the second row may be 10, etc.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?


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